Theta, Phi and Pi on the Stage of the World Theatre

The logo of the journal Theology and Philosophy of Education



paideia, education, theology, philosophy


It is the editorial for the first issue of the second volume of the journal Theology and Philosophy of Education. The journal’s logo is described and interpreted here in the context of the journal’s aim. All the texts of the offered issue are briefly introduced here.


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Author Biography

Zuzana Svobodová, Charles University, Third Faculty of Medicine, Czech Republic

Charles University, The Third Faculty of Medicine, Department of Ethics and Humanity Studies

Charles University, Hussite Theological Faculty, Department of Pedagogy

Jabok – the Institute of Social Pedagogy and Theology, Department of Theology and Philosophy


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Pausanias. 1918. Description of Greece. English Translation by W.H.S. Jones, Litt.D., and H.A. Ormerod, M.A., in 4 Volumes. Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press; London, William Heinemann Ltd.




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Svobodová, Zuzana. 2023. “Theta, Phi and Pi on the Stage of the World Theatre: The Logo of the Journal Theology and Philosophy of Education”. Theology and Philosophy of Education 2 (1):1–3.