A Spiritual and Religious Speech as a Poem

Inspired by Heidegger’s Fouring



Fouring, Heidegger, Spiritual depth, Poetry, Philosophy of education


The article is based on Heidegger’s understanding of the world as the so-called fourings, in which one relates to counterparts who are not entirely graspable to him, yet provide a person with a significant orientation. Such an orientation relates to the spiritual aspects of life. It is not possible to speak about them in the same way as everyday things in ordinary or professional scientific language, because by their very nature they do not allow for grasping in the form of definitions. Instead, poetry is presented as a possible testimony of spiritual aspects, the subtle. It does not seek to give a definitive description and explanation, but rather to capture the substance and, above all, to invite humans on the path to what it says. Poetry is presented as an important part of education and erudition, where in the spiritual direction the scientifically conceived language will not suffice.


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