One Triangle and More – MORe3.1.2

Meaning-Oriented Reflection 3.1.2



reflection, education, word-philosophies, Bildung, philosophy of education, Korthagen


The educational technique of ‘meaning-oriented reflection’ originally highlights two angles ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’, prior to ‘wanting’ and ‘doing’. This article emphasises that due to differences among world-philosophies, an additional third angle on ‘being inspired’ by a higher power is applicable. Bringing these three angles into ‘being aware’ precedes ‘wanting’ and ‘doing’. Based on interviews and higher educational interventions, the revised ‘meaning-oriented reflection’ appears to be a useful educational technique. However, the question remains: How to implement MORe3.1.2 among educators and other professionals who may only reflect rationally?


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Author Biography

Bert Meeuwsen, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Creating triangular awareness by 'thinking', 'feeling' and 'divinity', towards: 'wanting' and 'doing'.

>40 years cross cultural experience in a diversity of sectors: profit, non-profit, education, youth work, cure & care, as well as development aid and military marketing. Literally worked across borders. All part of actual lecturing and advisory practice.

'A life long learning' expressed by graduating, 2009, Master of Business Administration (MBA). In 2015 Master of Education (MEd; Learning & Innovation). In 2018 Postgraduate Certificate Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCHE), and being Fellow Higher Education Academy (FHEA; 2019). Since 2021 with Leiden University pursuing a PhD on educational design research in education on business ethics in higher education.

Recent tasks:
- Development School of Education, cooperation Wittenborg UAS & University of Brighton
- Re-development external relations programme, academic supervision programme
- Change and organisational interventions by means of e.g. adult education and 'Learning by experience' on the implementation and migration of Enterprise Resources Planning system (SAP) among the Dutch military forces;
- Development and education of senior and junior leaders in profit and non-profit organisations;
- Interim- en project management in change, education, and marketing (profit, non-profit, military);
- Marketing research and consultancy on strategic, tactical and operational levels, both in profit and non-profit sectors;
- Education, training and certified coaching: Masterclasses Leadership, and development on doctrine on military marketing and behavioral influence operations.

- Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK)
- Member of the British Educational Research Association (UK)
Special interest group (SIG):
- Philosophy of Education
- Race, Ethnicity and Education
- Religion, Values and Education
- Member of the Bildung Academie (NLD)
- Life Member of The Civil Affairs Association (USA)
- Member of the European Bildung Network (EUR)
- Senior Fellow of the 20/20 Vision Program and Network - 'From Risk to Resilience' (INT)


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